Movistar #Cero Muy

Client: Comodo Screen   Year: 2019    Country: Spain

Movistar #Cero Muy is a launching campaign done by Comodo screen to promote the main channel of the platform for a whole year. Their goal was to create a song about all the talents in the house and make a video using the codes of internet. We developed the animations for the programs Late Motiv and Marathon Man. 

Late Motiv Tv Bumper

LATE MOTIV is a program where irreverence, criticism, humor and also emotion are always present; where Andreu Buenafuente receives guests and collaborators, reviews current affairs through the genius of his monologues and includes live musical performances. We made some animations of the presenter Andreu Buenafuente using the language that people use in social media; Stickers, gifs, bold typography, unapologetic colors and bold combinations. 


Gifs & Stickers

Maraton Man Tv Bumper

MARATÓN MAN is a fresh, fun and vital program that, in the eyes of a restless, enthusiastic and highly unpredictable presenter, invites you to run with a smile. The presenter Raúl Gómez will try to convince famous people to accompany him on his adventures running all over the planet. 


Gifs & Stickers

Movistar on Air

In addition we were also asked to create gifs and stickers that could be used for social media and also on the graphic package. So we use this worlds to create a narrative that played with the personality of Raúl Gómez and Andreu buenafuente.



Agency: Comodo Screen
Animation: Raquel Lafuente
Music: Comodo Screen


*Silver Laus 2019 ADG-FAD - TV and Film Identity

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